Whatever Keeps You Standing

by Petty Thief

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released October 13, 2015

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by Phillip Odom at Bad Wolf Recordings
Artwork/Layout by Sasha Smith

Tape available via Sunday Drive Records



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Petty Thief Houston, Texas

See you on the other side

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Track Name: Nuclear Family
"Can't find the worth in anything"
You spoke those words and I felt their sting
Still you sit broken mending alone upon that shelf
Only thinking about yourself

While I've been picking up on bad thoughts
Won't be diseased with what you've got
Here I stand broken cleaning my wounds since day one
Shouldn't feel this way at so young

A reality far from what we see
False advertised on a T.V. screen
Propitious and pristine, never once had a bad dream
Sewn together tightly at the seams

With age our actions fall on youth
Pick up on the mistakes and they follow suit
A family hopeless keeping it together for the children's sake
Is only wading in the mess you made

Enough of this bullshit self-destruction
Looking back on all of this I feel nothing
Track Name: Full Circle
Start suppressing thoughts in my head
but the worst comes out instead
In fake smiles and secrets you've been keeping

Growing tired of this home and the grip you so strongly hold
A white knuckled contempt reveals the past you've never shown
Pattern all the abuse, channel the fear you can't diffuse
Redirect it to every pawn that you've ever used

Suddenly I'm facing everything that I can't escape
Is self pity haunting me or the hatred that you embrace?
If every step that I make brings me more and more alone
If that's what this will take then I'll start to let you go

No ties, I'm fine
Can't control me this time
See you on the other side
When it breaks it breaks full circle
Track Name: No Love Lost
You said it all along
"The doors open if you like"
I kept calling out your name
While you made decisions out of spite

No matter what I did I could never please you
No matter what happened we could never see it through

Gone are the days where I stay the same
Time seems to slip from under me

And I could never make you laugh
Couldn't help but feel regret
When looking back to the pain that I caused
To this rotting in my chest

Done with the faults and your demanding
Hold on to whatever keeps you standing
Track Name: Solstice
Everyday dissolves the same
Can't find the right direction
I should be headed in
But a compass can't turn back the time
So I guess I'll settle with whats been placed in mine

The place that we have come to know
Owned by our darkest regrets
Haphazard silhouettes
Just wait until this mental breeze won't bare the resemblance
From decades of negligence

Always prone to be alone
Not wrong as far as I can see
Discordant melodies
Question what becomes of us
When long gone the sun sets behind whats left of my mind

Despite all that we respite stress will follow in our lead
Swift like a fever dream
When that day begins to break start with a smile on my face
Safe from your embrace